So here I am in Logan airport, waiting to board the flight to Switzerland. Did I mention I love the city of Zurich? I will arrive tomorrow morning and then have an entire day and night in that lovely city. Sure it will be cold, but it's Zurich! 
   After that a hop to Mumbai and a reunion with some family and a chance to meet the (2nd) newest member of the Nimbkar/Joshi clan. Not to mention all the authentic food waiting for us...mmmm. 
   And of course the two bottles of Single Malt packed away for the debauchery in Pune,  upon arrival. My cousin has been around a toddler for a year now and he definitely needs a break and lots of liquor, and I'm happy to oblige! 
   I will post some photos from Zurich tommorrow. can't wait to get there!!! Oh and did I mention that I splurged and paid the extra money for Business Class for this leg of the trip? So while I type this I am enjoying Cappucino, Pinot Grigio and Brie...this doesn't suck!!!


By reading this article I am really in the mood to see the Mumbai which I have heard a lot in many other posts. I have never seen this place but it is my dream to see Mumbai once in my life.

05/14/2017 10:16pm

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Can't wait to see some photos from you ;) Hope it was nice trip for you.

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