Zurich Switzerland - 
    Did I mention I love this city? I discovered it by accident when I flew to India in 2009. It was my first time flying Swiss Air. As I looked at the itinerary, I noticed that there was a 24 hour layover. The Flight from Boston to Zurich Arrives daily at 11 AM but the once daily flight to Mumbai leaves at 945 AM, therefore you automatically get bumped to the next day's flight...which is totally fine with me!
   The Old town area of Zurich is quite charming with a beautiful view of the mighty Swiss Alps (assuming they are not fogged in!). So far I've been lucky that the view was unimpeded every time I've been (this is my third).
   Be warned though if you are considering a trip...this city is EXPENSIVE!! a $50 cab ride to the hotel.. $8 for a grande Starbucks coffee. Hotel rooms at $225 a night are a bargain. Meals will run you about $30 - $40 per...so a lengthy stay can add up. But for one day/night, it's doable. The weather was chilly but tolerable, considering it was -4 with the windchill the day I left New England. 
 The charm of this city, like many European cities is to just walk around, take in the sights, and chill at cafes. There are many dining options and as expected, Roger Federer's photo is everywhere. Then there are the watches, as expected.  Prices are quite high depending on brand..anywhere from $500 - $30,000. The Swiss are all about efficiency and punctuality. Boarding of a Swiss air flight is methodical, and efficient. And The nice thing is that passengers listen to instructions, not like the stupid  idiots at home, who run up and try to board when their zone has not been called yet. Also pedestrians actually obey the traffic signals. They don't cross when they don't have the light, also unlike the stupid idiots at home...I often have fantasies when driving, of skulls crunching under the weight of my front wheels :-)..because of the moron pedestrians we have to deal with on a daily basis. But I digress, I highly recommend Zurich, and all of Switzerland, for that matter, just a beautiful country. Here are some pics....



09/29/2016 4:06am

Switzerland counted in the most beautiful and top countries in the worlds but it is good to show pics and videos through online system that included many pics about mountains, lakes, as well as beautiful houses. Happy thanks for sharing beautiful article with us.

01/17/2018 1:07am

Traveling helps you find your soul, that is why it is suggested that you should be adventurous at least once a year. Zurich is definitely a good place and I can feel that you will be back there. The cart is indeed a charmer for it has a lot of places to offer to its tourist. I think it was a good decision that you chose to make it all the way from Boston to see this wonderful place. I know it helped you with what you so called "soul searching".

05/17/2017 9:41am

It's a beatiful country indeed. I bet it's pretty expensive though. But I want to visit it anyway.


This city is so beatiful! I hope I will visit it someday because I love these photos.

07/02/2017 9:04am

Beautiful! I'm in love with this city after your photos! Wish to visit it!

07/30/2017 2:01am

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