Chris and I had planned to leave and travel to Williamstown today..but mother nature had other plans. We checked the weather before we left, and rain was predicted, but not until evening. Since we departed at 2PM, we had hoped to reach Williamstown around 5:30 PM. 
     Unfortunately, the rain started around 3PM...a slow steady drizzle that never relented just about when we got on route 122N...which, in sunshine,  is a beautiful ride. In the rain, a much different story. After layering up and gutting it out for about an hour, fighting chilling temps and poor visibility, we pulled into a rest area for coffee and to rid the chills. We were still about 70 miles from our goal. 
     I spoke to Chris and suggested that we find a place to hole up for the night and dry out in the immediate area, since the rain was expected to get even heavier, and we were chilled to the bone already. Chris agreed, but we were in the town of Orange and there was no civilization for another 20 miles: the town of Greenfield. We made the decision to get to Greenfield and hope that accommodations were available. So it was back on the road.
   The visibility was very poor with a steady rain bombarding our face shields and the going was times it appeared that the rain might let up, and just as quickly it got heavier. Chris was mentioning through the intercom that his legs were chilled and shaking and his hands were numb..I concurred. It was a bit scary for a while. 
     Finally we saw signs for Greenfield and diverted off the main road. We passed through a rotary and saw a Quality Inn appear, like an oasis in the desert. There were few vehicles in the parking lot so it looked like we might be in luck. The concierge (Indian - big surprise!) informed us he did have a room with separate beds..and we grabbed it. Once in the room, the heat was cranked and our soaked garments: gloves, socks, and boots were set out to dry. My rain suit kept me dry, mostly, except for a little leakage in the pant leg. 
     Chris has a leather riding jacket. and once wet, leather is very difficult to dry, it takes a LONG time. But being the resourceful person that he is, he figured out a unique method of speeding the process. He hung his jacket in the bathroom, took the hair dryer from the wall and inserted in the cuff of the sleeve, then turned it on. The warm air blew through the jacket and helped to dry it. After about 2 hours, the jacket was 90% dry. 
     Exhausted and hungry, there was an Applebees next door and it was welcome. The bartender made us kick ass Mojitos that ht the spot. After stuffing ourselves on pasta, salads and ice cream, we watched gratuitous TV programming in the room until we were both comatose. We would tackle Mt. Greylock in the morning....



11/24/2016 10:42am

William's town is one of the most interesting place to visit, and the special thing i like about that place is the weather of that place, like you can say that these are summer and cold summers actually.

07/16/2017 3:52am

My friend is inviting me for a trip to William's town because of its beauty. I asked him if what he'd like the most to that place and he said that it is the weather of the place. He likes to invite many of our friends to have a camping on that place. I hope that place is always safe for us and for those who also have a plan to visit there. Can't wait to go there!


It happens. You should not worry about it. Weather can let you down.


Do you have any plans for your next vacation? You should tell us more about it.

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02/12/2018 9:43pm

Thanks for sharing to us how crazy yet adventurous your weekend was! We all deserve some rest sometime. Dealing with all the stress and pressure in life is not easy. You have to continue life, even though you feel tired most of the time. What you did and experienced was really great. I am planning to have my break next week. I am sure I will really enjoy that break. By the way, through your post I've realized that Greylock is great place to visit!


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