After our unexpected layover in Greenfield, which cost me $90 for an unused motel room (oh well), we woke up to VERY cold temps..upper 40s. Luckily our clothes had mostly dried, and we layered up but that did not ward off the chill completely. Such are the hazards of this time of year. 
     On the road and headed towards North Adams, Chris had a problem with his Sena head stopped working, mine was fine. So unfortunately, he had to endure the rest of the trip with no music. Amazing how spoiled you get once you get used to music playing while riding..especially when it is taken away.  We found a nice coffee shop on the way and stopped to warm up and have a bite, then continued on to North Adams. 
     I had a brainstorm...since I had my tablet, I suggested we find a wi-fi connection and attempt to re-install his firmware...but we did not have a micro-usb adapter and had no luck finding one. So it was on the the summit of Mt. Greylock. By now the temp was increasing, luckily as the wind on the summit had kicked up quite a bit. 
    That did not detract from the view, which was spectacular as usual. The cooler temp actually made the visibility even greater. After a couple of photos, we started to head back. Of course I had to strap on the action cam to capture the Mohawk Trail, which boasts some amazing twists and stunning scenery. The start of this road is a switchback curve where the Golden Eagle restaurant is located, and affords a panoramic view of the Berkshire Valley.  Chris took the lead and I ran the camera close behind him to capture the moment, and what made it even better was the lack of traffic in front of us! 
   We stopped again in Greenfield for the Peoples Pint (of course Chris knows where all the brew pubs are). Then it was a straight shot on route 2 for 90 minutes, or so, to home..where football awaited.



09/27/2015 6:07am

An unexpected layover is what I look for right now. So many deadlines to meet, which were really my faulty as I did not spend much time on the library because of personal errands. I wanted to be more organized this month. I know that discipline is really lacking on my end. I should stick to a schedule when I have writing assignments so that should basically solve everything. To have a writer’s block is never an excuse. Next time, I will be more prudent.

08/25/2017 3:14am

We all deserve some rest sometime. Dealing with all the stress and pressure in life is not easy. You have to continue life, even though you feel tired most of the time. What you did and experienced was really great. I am planning to have my break next week. I am sure I will really enjoy that break. Thank you, anyway, for sharing this.


I wish I could join you during this trip. I am sure it was amazing. This video is so great!

08/03/2017 6:39pm

No offense, but such videos are kinda boring. I hope you enjoy your journey.

08/29/2017 5:57am

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