Packing up and getting ready to head to Williamstown for the night...about a three hour journey there. Leaving at 2-2:30 should put me there by 530 - 600. Plan is to check out Mount Greylock in the morning, ride to the top and do some filming and photos. Quite a splendid sight. Weather reports indicate cloudy conditions with no rain, though right now there are some dark clouds which look pretty ominous..still no call for it better not! Will check in later...


08/13/2017 3:18pm

That would be a great experience! I hope it would not rain or else your plans are going to be ruined. I used to hike mountain until I became busy with my studies since I'm a graduating student. I hope I can get back to hiking soon. I would definitely visit Mount Greylock because I've heard amazing things about this place.

09/03/2017 3:48pm

How is your journey going? What places do you want to visit next? Tell me about it.


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