Manchester Vermont.
    Woke up on the morning of August 9 to a beautiful day...too nice NOT to ride. After a quick trip to the gym and the driving range to hit some balls, I checked the motel availability in Manchester, booked a room and headed out around 1:30. The route was 119 to route 30 right into downtown Manchester, which is right in the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest. Manchester manages to maintain 2 distinct paradigms. Part of the town is classic small town New England, with local merchants and watering holes. The other part is the outlet section which, as you guessed, has outlet stores from the heavyweights of fashion, Armani, Ralph Lauren etc...
   The entire trip took about 3 1/2 hours from home to the Four Winds Country Motel. This place looked like a typical roadside motel, but the room was quite nice, despite the carpet stains. As soon as I entered the lobby, the strong but distinct aroma of masala greeted me, then in seconds the concierge appeared..Indian as you might have guessed. It's amazing how many smaller hotels and motels are owned by Indian families. 
     After check in, I dumped my bags and headed this point it was almost 6 PM and I hadn't eaten since 11 the lone Southwestern restaurant in town was a welcome site...and the Burrito and Switchback Ale sat very nicely, thank you. Just down the street was a coffee shop/book store. They had a sign advertising book signings and some major players had recently passed through, most notable was Hillary Clinton. Loaded up on french roast; sitting in the parking lot was a welcome experience.  Then it was back to the room to get the action cam ready for some filming on the journey home...
     It's amazing how different the dynamic is when you leave the confines of a large city and enter a small rustic town. Everything seems much more accessible. The pace seems a bit slower and relaxed. I'm rather fond of Vermont, but I noticed that during this entire trip, I didn't smell cow manure even once. During other trips to Vermont, there were areas where that odor was overpowering...not so this time...enjoy the clip of route 100...



10/06/2016 4:06am

I think it’s good to have some time for you and one should enjoy the life with full joy and happiness. That clip was honestly stunning and gives me inspiration to move to a new place.

04/06/2017 10:14am

I enjoy watching this video. Tell me about your motorcycle, please.


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