Woke up at 630, it was cool and very foggy. Quick shower and check out, then coffee. Around 800, started the ride to Greylock. The temp was rising already and luckily, the fog started to burn off.  The ride up to the summit is a fun one with hairpin curves and dense forest. One must be sharp as there are hikers and cyclists throughout. Not to mention wildlife that could jump out at a moments notice, deer, moose, even black bears. There are a couple of turnouts for panoramic views that are incredible. Reaching the summit (about 4000 ft above sea level) gives you an unhindered view of about 100 miles in any direction. There were very few people up there at that time of day and the stillness and quiet was very calming and therapeutic. The temp remained comfortable and there was just a slight breeze.
     Perhaps the most amazing sight was the cloud cover below this altitude, a soft cotton blanket covering the valley below with intermittent cracks to allow a peek of the green plains and forest lingering below. One or two hawks could be seen gliding the wind currents no doubt looking for food in the form of smaller birds, unaware of their presence. 
     I don't usually like heights, probably why I failed at getting my pilot's license, but despite the altitude, it was a very comfortable experience. I strongly recommend this area to anyone considering a visit. The local area is rustic, with Williams College as the focal point. 
     The ride home, I stayed on route 2 the entire time and experienced the Mohawk Trail. For bike riders, this has to rank as one of the best rides around. Winding roads with many areas to stop for pics. Rivers, valleys, streams, lakes, and dense tree cover , the latter of which are almost tunneling in their scope. I debating taking 122S back the way I came but avoiding Worcester is always a good thing, so I stayed on route 2 the whole way, which is boring at times, but listening to music the whole time eases the monotony. I seriosuly want to do this trip again. It's reasonable close and the scenery can't be beat. Along with the ability to escape the chaos of city life for 24 hours!


02/26/2017 2:19am

It was such a great experience! Your journey towards the summit may entail danger but it's a great thing that you came back safe. Next time, you could invite some friend to ride with you. It would be so much fun when that happens. Anyway, thanks for sharing this. I hope you'll write soon!

08/18/2017 1:06pm

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It's such a beatiful spot! I want to visit this place someday. Love your photos.


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