Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb...ah never mind!
     It was still sunny this morning, and I had the urge to ride. So a quick load up and it was off on route 2 west.  I had hoped to make it to Shelburne Falls and then circle route 202, but that was a little further than I thought.  Decided to stop for breakfast near Fitchburg, at McDonalds...wasn't my first choice, and since there was no Starbucks around, and McD's had free wi-fi, that was the choice.Yesterday I picked up an ASUS tablet. I always figured I never needed a tablet because I have an ASUS laptop. But Microcenter had a great deal on an open box tablet...with Windows 8.1...the version that allows you to install any software you want, not just what's available from the Windows app store. Have to say, it was a great purchase. I am sold on tablets. In fact, while at McD's, I was able to pull up Google Maps and get a bearing on where I was. 
     The map showed that I had a ways to go for my orginal destination and Wachusset Mountain and Leominster State Park were in very close proximity. route 31 south skirted the park and the map showed lots of wooded areas, so that was the route, after a quick stop at Wachusett Mountain (Photo below). 
   Route 31 turned out to be a very nice ride. The forest canopy was right on top of me and I had to flip up my sun shade as it was that dark underneath the trees. There were some nice twists and only one car in front of me for a brief period. Soon in opened up into fields and hills and the warmth of the sun returned...
 I had intended to pick up 110 then 111 back to route 2 but missed it somehow and continued on rte 31 until I hit route 9. Unfortunately, rte 9 takes you through one of the most vile, and disgusting cities known to man: Worcester MA. Had to suck it up and continue through the restaurant chains, check cashing places and tattoo parlors. On a whim I diverted to rte 20 East through Marlboro. I used to work in Marlboro years ago when I was in IT, and sure enough drove right by the 'technology park' where I was formerly employed. 
     By this time I was ready to get home so it was 495 South to the Mass Pike..and here I am now typing this. Hoping that next weekend I can make it to Williamstown MA and ride the Mohawk trail and the summit of Mt. Greylock, but as of now the weather calls for rain all next weekend...which sucks because there are not many riding days left in the season. Let's hope that the predicted rain misses!!



If I was on your side then I would be more desperate then you are now because it is in the nature of a person that loves nature. I just love to explore such places that show the true beauty of nature.

01/21/2018 5:57am

My friends and I go on a road trip during summer break and we do something similar things you do. But most of the time, we spend a couple of days at our destination and looks for cool things or activities. Going on a trip is really exhilarating because it is fulfilling. As many people would say that travelling to other places is one the most rewarding feeling. I hope more people treat themselves by travelling more with friends or by themselves.

03/25/2017 5:10am

Looks like it was a great ride for you. Keep on posting these stories here, please.

06/24/2017 5:32am

I like riding at sunny mornings too! That is the best way for me to start weelends!

09/16/2017 2:32am

Never change your original destination! Follow your plan!

09/17/2017 9:09am

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01/16/2018 1:35am

I appreciate a post like this when you started sharing your story to everyone and what happen to you that day, it's like a daily diary of what you have experienced in a certain day. I can say that it is always a nice experience walking or having a ride in a sunny day specially when the view is just so good. Maybe your day is kinda extra ordinary experienced, a long ride and seeing a beautiful nature. Thank you also for sharing the photos of what you've got, at least we have now a picture of how it is look like when you are having a ride. Thank you for sharing your experienced!


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